Recital Information 
This Is Me!
June 26th-29th 2019

Link for TIckets:

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Expressions Academy of Dance Presents…
This Is Me

Pictures @ Expressions Academy 
Monday- Thursday June 24th-27th

Dress Rehearsals @ Theater
Monday - Wednesday June 24th-26th 

Performances @ Theater 
Wednesday, June 26th 6:00 pm 
Thursday, June 27th 6:00 pm
Friday, June 28th 6:00 pm
Saturday, June 29th 6:00 pm

Dress Rehearsal & Shows are located at:
Whitney High School 
Rocklin, Ca

The Commitment 
Important Recital Dates 
By allowing your child to participate in the Expressions Academy of Dance recital, you commit yourself and/or your child to the following dates and events. 

Important Dates:
March 23rd- Last day to sign up for recital and pay costume fees
April 27th- Recital fees of $60 per family are due
June 3rd- Ticket sales begin online
June 10th- Open Ticket sales
June 24th-27th- Pictures at EAD
June 24th-26th- Tech Rehearsals at Whitney High School Theater
June 26th-29th- Recitals at Whitney High School Theater

As the season progresses, additional recital information or updates will be posted on the Expressions Academy website,, in monthly newsletters, and on the lobby bulletin boards. Make it your responsibility to keep on top of this important information. Our goal is to make the recital an organized, exciting experience for everyone involved. It’s a team effort: students, their parents, the teachers, and the director are key players in the show’s success. 

Please arrive half an hour early to the show to check in with your class parent volunteers and EAD Staff.  Students should arrive in costume, with hair and make up done. Shoes and any accessories should be in a zip lock bag with your child’s name clearly labeled.  

Costume Packages
Costume Package Fee- Due March 23rd by 11:30 am 
$75- Class Ages 2-6 & 6-9              $100- Class Ages 8+ 
** Price is per costume** 

We spend many hours selecting the costumes for each class. They are always age- appropriate and of the highest quality possible. Students will need one costume for each class they train in. Costume packages include tights, all accessories, (hats, gloves, etc.) and a garment bag. 
Recital Fee- Due April 27th
The recital fee is $60 per family. It includes a T-shirt for each dancer, and a digital copy of the DVD. The recital fee goes towards renting the facility, lighting and sound technicians and janitorial staff. The fee is $60 for the family, not per student.

NOTE: No jewelry or nail polish is to be worn with costumes. This includes during dress rehearsals, performances, and when class pictures are taken. 
Costume payment is due by the 23rd of March by cash, check or credit card. If you are enrolled in our auto pay program for tuition, costume fees are NOT pulled from that card unless you ask the office staff to do so. 
Costume measuring begins during the first week of class in March, during scheduled class times. All children will be measured in order to determine their proper costume size(s).
Be Prepared
The recital isn’t a one-day activity. Gather all shoes, and makeup several days in advance so you’ll know if something is missing or isn’t right. Make a checklist of your child’s routines, listing the costume, tights, shoes, and any accessories, and refer to it to make sure you have all your supplies before going to the theater.

It is recommended to bring at least one extra pair of tights of each color. Also bring extra hair gel, hairnets, bobby pins, and hairspray.

Tips: Other Handy Extras
    •    Baby wipes/Shout wipes (to fix makeup mistakes or wash hands)
    •    Baby powder (for itchy costumes)
    •    Safety pins (for emergency costume repairs) 
    •    Clear nail polish (to repair minor holes or runs in tights when there isn’t time to change them)
    •    Your pain reliever of choice
    •    Band-Aids (the “invisible” kind)
Dress Rehearsal

Participation in the dress rehearsal is mandatory. The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the auditorium surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costume(s), and being onstage. Lighting, music cues, set changes, and all other logistics for an organized and professional performance are rehearsed so that the students make the best impression possible. One of the main objectives of our curriculum is to teach the spirit of teamwork and commitment to classmates. Dancers will be required to stay to practice the finale dance.  ALL dancers will participate in our finale!
Dressing-room etiquette 
Students must respect other students’ space and property in the dressing rooms. The students will spend more time in the dressing rooms than onstage or in the auditorium, so please do your best to keep them organized and clean. No food or drink is allowed in the dressing rooms. 

Audience etiquette 
Handheld electronic games or other devices with sounds and/or lights that could be a distraction for other audience members are not permitted. 
Because we present a professional performance, we ask that everyone remain seated during the entire performance. If you do leave the auditorium during the show you will be allowed back into the auditorium only between dances. This rule is strictly enforced; please do not create a disturbance with the auditorium ushers in regard to this policy. 
The use of video or flash photography is strictly prohibited during the recital. It is important that you pass this policy on to your recital guests. 

Student Drop off and Pickup 
Dress Rehearsals 
Parents or guardians will remain in the theater with their dancer until they have rehearsed their last dance.

Recital Performances 
Parents or guardians should bring the students to their assigned dressing rooms, where they will be checked in and placed under the supervision of EAD Staff.

NOTE: Please do not attempt to pick up your child during the performance. 

Recital Photography, Videos, and T-Shirts 
Recital photos 
Class photos on will be taken Monday, June 24th- Thursday, June 27th at Expressions Academy. Dates and times are subject to change. Please confirm your child’s time on the updated schedule to be distributed the week of May 6th. After the group photo shoot, students may choose to have solo portraits made in any or all of their costumes. There is no obligation to purchase photos. Please arrive at least twenty minutes before your child’s scheduled time since photo shoots tend to run ahead of schedule. 
*Class picture times are not adjustable- if your dancer can’t make the class picture times, individual pictures can be scheduled through the office. *

Hair and makeup 
Hair and makeup should be done prior to arrival as for a performance. 

Photo purchase 
Photos will be available for purchase through the photographer. Forms will be distributed with the photography class schedule.

Recital DVD
Expressions Academy works with a professional videographer to produce a professional DVD of the entire recital, including finale and award presentations. The DVD will be available through a link distributed after the recital and the cost is included in the recital fee. 

Recital T-Shirt Purchase 
Expressions Academy’s commemorative recital T-shirt will be handed out in class and is made available for purchase for parents the week of the show. 

Recital Tickets
Ticket Policies
Tickets go on sale online with Dance Recital Ticketing on Monday, June 3rd and cost $10 each.  All studio accounts (tuition, costumes, recital fee, etc.) must be paid in full before family members may purchase recital tickets.

June 3rd- 9th— Limited to 4 tickets per family
June 10th-25th- Open Sale
*If there are any remaining tickets the day of the show- they will be available for purchase at the door for $15 each, cash only. 


Recital Policies
Video and photography
Parents or guardians may videotape or photograph their children at the dress rehearsal. No electrical outlets will be available, so be sure your batteries are fully charged. Please note: No video or photography will be allowed at the recital.

Auditorium rules
No eating, or drinking, is allowed in the auditorium or dressing rooms. During the recital, when the dancers are not onstage they must remain in the dressing rooms with their assigned volunteers.

Recital Program 
Expressions Academy of Dance will be publishing a program for the recital. “Well-wisher” and commercial ads are available for purchase.  
The Recital Is for Everyone 
When everyone puts the children first, the recital experience is one they’ll never forget. We appreciate your compliance with the rules and guidelines in this handbook and hope that the Expressions Academy of Dance annual recital will be as fun and exciting for you as it is for all of our staff. Thank you for working with us to create a memorable educational experience through performance for all of our students. 

Daddy & Daughter Dance! 
Calling all Dance Dads, Uncles, Brothers, and Grandpas!  Do you want to perform a special routine with your little dancer on stage? Sign up with the front office by April 6th  to join the fun!  
Cost: $40 per duo- Includes a Dance Dad T shirt, and 4 rehearsals. Dancer’s will wear the costume they are in for the show. Dance Dudes- Will wear black dress pants, and the Dance Dad Shirt provided. 
Participants are strongly encouraged to attend ALL rehearsals and practice at home as well. 
Saturday, May 18th 11:30-12:30        Saturday, June 8th 11:30-12:30
Saturday, June 15th 11:30-12:30        Saturday, June 22nd 11:30-12:30
Participants will sign up for the show of their choosing, and can participate in multiple shows.  Duos are expected to be at the dress rehearsal for the show they signed up for. Dress rehearsal is essential for proper blocking, and confidence! 

This is Me….Sponsor Contest!

Sponsor Dances in our Summer Production!
Over 2000 people see our program at the shows alone!
Get featured on our social media, in the studio, and 
on our website!

The dancer that gets the most sponsors wins 4 front row VIP seats, and a gift bag full of dance goodies! 

Sponsor 1 Dance (Bronze Level) - $50 
Name in the Program next to the dance
Posted flyer on our Sponsor Board in the Studio
Your logo or flyer on our Social Media & Website

Sponsor 2 Dances (Silver Level)- $100
Name in the Program next to the dance
Posted flyer on our Sponsor Board in the Studio
Your logo or flyer on our Social Media & Website
1/4 page of your graphic in our program

Sponsor 3 Dances (Gold Level)- $150
Name in the Program next to the dance
Posted flyer on our Sponsor Board in the Studio
Your logo or flyer on our Social Media & Website
1/2 page of your graphic in our program

Sponsor 4 Dances (Platinum Level) -$200
Name in the Program next to the dance
Posted flyer on our Sponsor Board in the Studio
Your logo or flyer on our Social Media & Website
1 Full page of your graphic in our program

Dancers Name:                             Class:                

Company Name:                             Phone:            

Contact Name:                            Email:            

Bronze Level- $50        Silver Level- $100            Please Circle One

Gold Level- $150        Platinum Level- $200

Cash         Check        Please circle One

Please return to EAD by Saturday, May 25th. EAD will contact businesses to get graphics and flyers for promotion. 

EAD Phone: 916-543-0299

Program goes out to over 2000 people at our show.  Our website will feature a sponsor page with your info. In our studio we will showcase your flyer or graphic on our Sponsor Board. We will feature your logo or graphics on our social media!

Please send graphics, flyers, and logo with information to:
[email protected]        Kristen Baker- Owner/Artistic Director

Thank you for your sponsorship! We look forward to working with you!


Click Here to download the Show Assisngment PDF

Click here to download the picture schedule