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About Us

Mission Statement 

At Expressions Academy of Dance, we believe that artistic expression has the capacity to inspire and enrich the lives of people of all ages. We teach with enthusiasm, lead by example,  and provide dancers with a comprehensive artistic education that embraces proper technique as well as personal transformation. We encourage all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way, putting passion into every step in both dance and in life.




Vision Statement

Expressions Academy of Dance serves the city of Lincoln as a safe, fun, and educational setting for children of all ages, ranging from two to adult.  EAD offers a tremendous indoctrination of numerous styles of dance, and a delightful and intriguing environment.  EAD is dedicated to each individual student, and their sole success. Our instructors are highly educated and well trained in their specific area, and are extremely qualified.  Our facility is equipped with three studios in a 6,000 square foot facility, each studio containing state of the art sound and electronic systems.  Our studios have a one way glass window for parents to observe class, but will keep the children focused on class.  

Expressions Academy of Dance also retains a Dance Team.  These companies serve Placer County as youth programs, with year long community projects, and reflective learning.  The companies do fundraisers for not only their own company but for other organizations involved in helping the youth of Placer County.  Doing shows in many venues, such as fairgrounds, elementary schools, senior homes and other functions, the EAD Dance Team will spread the word about EAD, and will also exhibit the mission of the company; putting passion into each step in every direction.



Core Values

At EAD we strongly believe that each person should feel accepted, safe and special.  It is our goal to treat each dancer, parent, grandparent, brother and sister with respect and understanding.  We believe that professionalism is of extreme importance, however we want our environment to be filled with love and support.  Teaching children to dance and to love themselves are our two main goals at EAD.  Watching a child learn the art of dance, build self confidence, and find their self worth is the most amazing gift.  



Our Commitments:


  • SAFETY -  Specialized dance flooring, clean lobby and homework area, and a monitored lobby.

  • EXEMPLARY INSTRUCTION - Revolutionary EAD curriculum, that utilizes Royal Academy of Dance.  Artistically excellent, technically comprehensive, socially uplifting!

  • FAMILY - Parent lounge, classes for all ages, wifi, family events year round, parenting workshops

  • CONNECTION - Social interaction, sense of belonging, friendship connect the world through dance

  • UPLIFT - Inspire a positive self image - positive atmosphere, appropriate music, self expression, discipline, creativity, confidence, positive self image/self worth  .. "I can!"

  • SERVICE - Empowering and encouraging a culture of service to our world and community - collaboration with the community, "dance for the greater good"

  • WELLNESS - Refreshment barre, fitness classes for adults, nature walks, positive body image, nature, education, mindfulness

  • DIVERSITY - Encouraging environment where we nurture each student's unique gift of talent and creativity. Creative expression, providing dance opportunities for special needs and underserved populations.

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