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"I love EAD because everyone is welcome, and I am never nervous or scared to come to my classes. EAD is my happy place, and I wish I wish I could live here."

Emmery D., Student

"I love EAD because they are kind to me."

Addilyn K., Student

"I love EAD because all the teachers are so nice and they have helped me improve in dance and my flexibility."

Halle M., Student

"I love EAD because I can express myself with movements. Also, I like to socialize with other people who are like me."

Lily N., Student

"I love EAD because it's made my dreams come true."

Abigail H., Student

"It is a great community and very inclusive of everyone. There are lots of different dance styles and teachers, so there is a wide variety of classes."

Sephie T., Student

"I love EAD because they have awesome teachers! Always encouraging us!"

Sophia R., Student

"The teachers are really kind, loving, smart, beautiful and caring! All of the dancers are sweet and talented. Everybody at EAD has made my dreams come true. I love everyone there!"

Christina S., Student

"I love EAD because they have the best dances!"

Juliana H., Student

"The dance instructors know how to communicate at my child’s level and make it fun. My daughter is in love with dance class!"

Catalina D., Parent

"We love that it’s fun with no pressure & body positivity! We love seeing real bodies being great examples for our kids!"

Christina V., Parent

"Being at EAD helps my daughter step out of her shell and make friends. Builds her confidence!"

Tessa C., Parent

"All of the staff is so kind and welcoming. EAD is a very comfortable dance studio. We always feel welcome."

Giovanna D., Parent

"Everyone is always so welcoming! Always says hello by name. And everyone instills the love of dance into all of the dancers & makes dance fun! Thank you!"

Mikaela Z., Parent

"The teachers are so sweet and great with kids."

Chelsey C., Parent

"The confidence that is built when pushing beyond your comfort zone! Best teachers ever!"

Charlene W., Parent

"EAD is a supportive, caring environment and my girls love being there!"

Kirsten R., Parent

"EAD has given both of my girls a lot of confidence not only in dance, but in life! My girls love the teachers and the recitals are SO much fun! We are EAD dancers for life!"

Amanda H., Parent

"You guys offered free classes to the community which is awesome and that free event got us back in the door! Also, teacher Kristen obviously loves teaching the littles and we love her!"

Julie C., Parent

"I love EAD because they make dance fun!"

Liliana D., Student

"I love love love love love EAD because everyone is SO nice! Also, I know all the teachers and they teach us the right way and have really helped me improve my flexibility and strength!"

Maya R., Student

"I love EAD because the people here are AMAZING!"

Madison B., Student

"Everyone is so nice and sweet. I also love the different varieties of dance and music! Love you guys <3"

Sydney R., Student

"All the teachers are very nice and awesome."

Maya M., Student

"I love EAD because of the teachers and classmates! They are the best!!"

Lexington S., Student

"The teachers are so nice. The dances are so cute and very fun!"

Eliana S., Student

"We get to show off our moves where nobody judges you. Thank you!"

Tatum F., Student

"The teachers make dancing FUN!!"

Vanessa G.

"The teachers are so nice. The dances are so cute and very fun!"

Eliana S., Student

"I love dancing so much and have been doing it my whole life. I have made so many friends and at EAD we get to have lots of fun experiences. I love my Company and friends, plus all of my caring teachers."

Maddie S., Student

"My daughter loves this place & loves to dance =)"

Michelle C.

"I love EAD because they help us learn!"

Annabelle M., Student

"I love EAD because of how much they push me to do my best and help me reach my full potential."

Mya R., Student

"I love EAD because all the teachers are very kind and I love to dance!"

Zoe B., Student

"I love EAD because I like my class and learning new dances."

Amy P., Student

"I love EAD because of how nice the staff is and how helpful they are."

Macie W., Student

"All of the teachers are so nice and I like meeting new people.."

Andalynn J., Student

"I love EAD because the dance classes are awesome!"

Mallory S., Student

"I love my friends and I love my teachers!"

Josie L., Student

"I love EAD because they are kind, great, and non-judgmental."

Avery B., Student

"I love EAD because you can come and learn new techniques. I love going to the NUVO dance convention and meeting new friends!"

Adrienne R., Student

"I cannot say enough good things about this dance studio. From initial interest of signing up to the end of the dance season, the staff has been nothing but kind, welcoming, and flexible. Any questions are answered with promptness and honesty. Their communication is top notch with any updates or rescheduling.

My daughter celebrated her birthday here as well and it was amazing. The staff literally took care of everything and all we had to do was arrange food & dessert. I highly recommend expressions dance academy. My daughter has had the best experience here."

Marina S., Parent

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