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"I love EAD because it's made my dreams come true."

Abigail H., Student

"It is a great community and very inclusive of everyone. There are lots of different dance styles and teachers, so there is a wide variety of classes."

Sephie T., Student

"I love EAD because they have awesome teachers! Always encouraging us!"

Sophia R., Student

"The teachers are really kind, loving, smart, beautiful and caring! All of the dancers are sweet and talented. Everybody at EAD has made my dreams come true. I love everyone there!"

Christina S., Student

"I love EAD because they have the best dances!"

Juliana H., Student

"The dance instructors know how to communicate at my child’s level and make it fun. My daughter is in love with dance class!"

Catalina D., Parent

"We love that it’s fun with no pressure & body positivity! We love seeing real bodies being great examples for our kids!"

Christina V., Parent

"Being at EAD helps my daughter step out of her shell and make friends. Builds her confidence!"

Tessa C., Parent

"All of the staff is so kind and welcoming. EAD is a very comfortable dance studio. We always feel welcome."

Giovanna D., Parent

"Everyone is always so welcoming! Always says hello by name. And everyone instills the love of dance into all of the dancers & makes dance fun! Thank you!"

Mikaela Z., Parent

"The teachers are so sweet and great with kids."

Chelsey C., Parent

"The confidence that is built when pushing beyond your comfort zone! Best teachers ever!"

Charlene W., Parent

"EAD is a supportive, caring environment and my girls love being there!"

Kirsten R., Parent

"EAD has given both of my girls a lot of confidence not only in dance, but in life! My girls love the teachers and the recitals are SO much fun! We are EAD dancers for life!"

Amanda H., Parent

"You guys offered free classes to the community which is awesome and that free event got us back in the door! Also, teacher Kristen obviously loves teaching the littles and we love her!"

Julie C., Parent

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